What we do is
gamemods & frameworks

Cool interface, Serious business


Born from the love for the game Onset, /weon. is composed by gamers, but we don't just play really... Regarding the accessible SandBox vision of this game we went for building together a network of mods and servers, but we now do expand our expertise other ways.

GameMods Developement 90%
3D Modeling & texturing 80%
Design & Visuals 85%
Advertising & Diffusion 85%

The Projects

Here they are, our Gamemods & Frameworks.

Onset - Survival - PvP - RolePlay

NoMad Island

Welcome on Baïti, a post-apocaliptic island where two surviving factions are tearing each other appart for fuel!

Onset - Framework - C# - LUA

Core - C# Framework

The idea is to create a C# framework able to emulate in Onset, nor one but every mods players can imagine... More soon.