We do mods, on Onset.

Cool interface, Serious business


Born from the love for the game Onset, /weon. is first composed by gamers, but we don't just play really... The main purpose is to gather good peoples with good abilities regarding Onset's particularities and become experts of it's environement. Reinforced by the accessible SandBox vision of the game we attempt to put together a network of mods and servers of many kind.

Onset Mod Developement 90%
3D Modeling & texturing 80%
Design & Visuals 85%
Advertising & Diffusion 85%

The Projects

We most definitely want to try our best to see the Onset eco-system composed by some varied and quality Mods.


NoMad Island

Welcome on Baïti, a post-apocaliptic island where two surviving factions are tearing each other appart for fuel!

Framework - LUA - Onset

Core - LUA Framework

The idea is to create a framework able to emulate nor one but every mods players can imagine in Onset. More soon.